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The Best Finish For Your Rims; Powder Coat VS. Paint

By landerinc87348578, May 3 2016 07:45AM

The rims of your car or motorcycle should be handled with the best possible treatment to preserve the life and looks of them. Powder Coating offers a variety of features that can enhance your rims.

1. Unlimited assortment of colors and textures

2. Withstands chemicals, abrasion resistant and refrains for chipping

3. Durable and easy clean up

Powder coating rims allows customers to have a personalized look to their vehicle that is effortless to maintain and will stand up from wear. The powder is made up from a type of acrylic plastic material and cures/bonds very well. The expected life cycle of a new powder coated finish is 5 years on a frequently driven vehicle (more in a non-weathered area). Colors can be matched within reason, accented, multi-colored, or even highlighted against the existing chrome or polish.

Painting rims merely changes the color and allows for no depth. Paint is also well known for fading and can easily be damaged from road conditions such as salt and flying rocks. Painting can also cost more due to rising paint prices & it would have to be applied more often than powder coat. Powder coating is baked into the metal, not sitting on top like paint.

If your looking to change the appearance of your rims or just protect them from the elements of everyday driving, powder coat will be your best choice of finish. Doing it right the first time is worth every penny.

Feb 27 2019 11:27PM by Ellie Davis

I really like that you point out that powder coating can give the vehicle owner the ability to have a personalized look. My husband and I are wanting to get his motorcycle powder coated and need to find the best company to do it. I'll have to do some research and find an awesome shop in our area.

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