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Here at Lander Coatings we are adaptable to the customer's needs. We have a commercial machine customer that needs Heresite P-413 applied to some of their parts, so we invested in equipment to support their needs. This is a service we would extend to you whether it be a specific need or Heresite coating be applied to you parts. Please visit to see if we can help you satisify your corrosion problem.



What Should Heresite be applied to? Here's a short list:

Radiators and Industrial Process Coolers


Radiators, Charge-Air Coolers, Oil coolers, Fin Fan Coolers, Heat Exchangers, After Coolers, Intercoolers


Air Fume Handling Equipment


Fans and Blowers, Fume Hoods, Dampers, Louvers, Grills and Duct Work


Typical Markets/Environments Where Heresite Is Used


Heresite coatings are commonly used in high salinity coastal regions, and in environments exposed to high humidity, corrosive chemicals and chemical fumes including but not limited to:


•Wastewater treatment plants

•Petroleum refineries

•Chemical plants

•Telecommunications and data centers

•Fossil fuel power plants

•Off-shore drilling platforms

•Pulp and paper mills

•Scientific laboratories, medical facilities and veterinary clinics

•Food processing and storage facilities

•Airports and transportation hubs

•Restaurants, convention centers, hotels & motels

•Shopping malls, retail businesses

•Swimming pool environments