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Transform Your Projects With Top-of-the-Line Hydrographics

Pondering over options to morph your everyday items into exquisite pieces of art? Lander Coatings in Pittsfield, MA might just hold the perfect solution. Simply put, hydrographics is nothing but water transfer printing. This technique allows you to hydro dip almost any water-friendly surface you can think of – metal, plastic, glass, hardwood, vinyl seats, and more!

Hydro Graphics is a process of picking a film design from an endless list of options & applying it to an existing part or product. This process uses a hydro tank to place a graphic film over your piece while in an ink-like state. There are currently hundreds of different patterns to choose from including: camo, wood, carbon fiber, metal, stone, and endless custom designs including French Fries!!

Lander Coatings is a locally owned

and operated business. We've been serving you with top-quality services for years, and still counting!


Call us today to transform your project from ordinary to extraordinary with our hydrographics and hydro dipping services.


The Process

   We start by prepping your piece with a paint or powder coat depending on what it is. Next, a polyvinyl film containing the pattern is floated with surface tension on top of the water in a large controlled tank.

   Upon placement of the film in the water, an activator is then applied to release the print overlay from the polyvinyl backing. We then “dip” your part into the print, transferring the pattern to your piece. The water acts as the medium to transfer your print into the form of your part.              

Final stages include an automotive or powder coat clear coat finish, depending on the design and required durability of the final product.

View Hydrographic Patterns:

Strength & Durability of Our Dipped Products

 Our Hydro Graphics Dipping process leaves an extremely durable result. We use the highest grade materials available in the industry - all of your items are primed & painted or coated to achieve a perfect finish. We also cap it with a high-gloss clear coat finish, semi-gloss and matte finishes are available aswell.

 Our team of skilled professionals can help you determine which processes are best suited for your particular project.

Professional Equipment, Professional Work

We have state of the art, custom-made tanks for the process. We use the highest quality products to get your project done right and on time. We stand behind all of our work with a 100% guarantee.

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