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20 Keeler Street - Building D,

Pittsfield, MA 01201

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Prepping Surfaces With Precision for Smooth Coating

Lander Coatings in Pittsfield, MA is available to cater to your surface prep needs with our large, up-to-date sandblasting booth. We are able to remove old flaky chrome, deep rust, old powder coat, paint, and just about any other surface issues on anything metal.


Please browse through our powder coating, painting, ceramic coating, and hydrographics services to see all of the possibilities!

Surface Debris' Worst Enemy

You can surely get rid of unwanted surface debris with sandblasting (as long as rust-rot has not created any major holes). When handled by the professionals here at Lander, you can be sure we will provide your desired result with the least headaches possible. Sandblasting has proved to be fail-safe way to smoothen uneven surfaces.

Count on our 18 years of experience to give you exceptional coating services. Powder coating, ceramic coating, hydro dipping - you name it, we'll do it!

Get the ball rolling on the job you've spent endless time researching.

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